A game I am playing, sort of.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty on the PlayStation 5.

Promotional artwork for the video game “Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty” featuring a warrior with a sword facing a large, menacing dragon in a dark, stormy battle setting with ancient buildings in the background.

I purchased this game when it first launched. I mean, Dynasty Warriors meets Ninja Guiden. Rather than a mosuo style game, is an action game. My mistake? Thinking it would be an easy game.

Wo Long, much like games in the same vein as Nioh or Elden Ring, is beautiful and complex and offers a punishing combat system to satisfy your masochistic desires if you have a thing for souls-lome games, which I suck at!

I remember starting the game and rage-quitting it after I could not defeat the first boss. Today, I decided to give it another go. I played through the introductory part of it and made it to the first boss. Not before dying in the process like 4 times. Again, I’ve made it to the boss, and as expected, he kills me on the first try. Both humiliated and defeated, I tried again. And it was then, after using all my potions and almost to the brink of death, my enemy met his demise! I was victorious, my confidence came back to me. And it was then… A cutscene, the damn guy swallows some kind of gem, motherfucker powers up, and grows a huge arm.

WTF!!!???? SERIOUSLY!!!!!

Why do they do this? Now I’m about to have a second battle with this dude and no potions. As expected, I died, almost immediately. To be honest, I got so upset by this that I didn’t even try.

What I was hoping though is that at least I would “respawn” at the end of the first part of the fight. Nope, Fuck You, Gabz, you get to respawn at your latest resting point, like in any souls-like game.

I should be honest with myself and just give up on these games, as much as I love them.

Gabz @Gabz