I need to Calendar more!

I know many people that run their lives, not only using some fancy task manager but also actually using, a calendar!

A Calendar, what a concept, right?

I have to admit that I am the most unorganized, most forgetful person ever. So you would think, that I would be taking advantages of all these amazing tools that I have at my disposal. Well, you would be surprised.

I do use calendar to a certain extent, for work mainly, and many of the events in my calendar are invites, nothing I actively create for future me. For personal life? Uff! Well, 99.00% of my calendar events, are also appointments, created by someone else, my wife. And just like my work calendar, if it doesn’t have a reminder of sorts, I won’t know what’s happening until 15 minutes before it’s supposed to happen.

Told ya’, I am super unorganized!

I need to get better at managing my life, especially my personal ones. Kids’ activities, family events, Parent-Teacher conferences, Disney Encanto: The Sing-along Film concert! And for now, I have it easy, there’s no sports or band practice, or any extracurricular shenanigans. So I better start changing my Calendar and life managing habits, and quick!

In other words, I have a super fancy calendar in all my devices, like Fantastical and I rarely look at then thing, I rarely use it our take true advantage of it. And unless Annie mentions anything, sigh, I never know what’s going on.

Now, can someone please explain my girls' obsession with freaking Bluey!

Gabz @Gabz