Bend, Beer, tiny tattoos, Rivians, and tomatoes

Friday, August 11th, around noon, we head out to Bend, Oregon. This trip, had two intentions, the most important being, meeting up with the Burks. Why Bend, Oregon? Neither party has ever been. Thus, it was the perfect excuse for the trip.

After almost five hours of non-stop driving, well, we did stop in Burns for gas and pee-stop.

Our first stop was, Crux Fermentation Project, because we needed food, duh! 😜

Next morning, breakfast at the Bends. It was Smokey, due to neighboring fires, of course, and yet it was a good morning out.

An hour or two after breakfast. A nice yellow thing shows up!

And so, our adventure begins.

There was some beer and crafting at Bend Brewing.

Then some mermaid hunting.

The Mermaid

Then, it was another brewery plus, tiny tattoos session by Marley.

More crafting courtesy of Valerie

After all that fun beering, walking, and crafting, there was one stop that _had_to be done. The last, and only, Blockbuster in the United States of America!

After our visit to the last and only Blockbuster in existence, a nice little bbq at the Airbnb that was not documented in photos was had. There was good local Bend beer, steaks, chicken, salad, and then some.

Once our friends were fed and somewhat rested from all their driving, they left. And we stayed one last night before driving back to the 208s.

So, what is next for the wonderboy (yours truly)?

After driving almost five hours, again, we drive not to our home, but straight to the airport!

Our wonderboy is now heading to Sacramento, California! For work. Field grow outs, tomatoes. Also, we had the chance to see how watermelon seed production gets done. Something I hadn’t experienced before.

There was also good local beer to be had, of course.

And there was that. Four states in less than 24 hours. I mean, on a Sunday.

I want to thank Jason and Valerie for joining us in Bend. We had a good time. In fact, in you’d as Marley what her favorite part of the trip was, it was riding in Jason’s car 😅, and second, hunting for mermaids.

We definitely want to be back in Bend, but much longer. There’s so much to enjoy and explore.

Gabz @Gabz