When honesty bites you.

A few months ago, our company changed timekeeping systems, to a much “intuitive and reliable” one. Well, little did we know. The thing is confusing to use, things are tricky and don’t make sense. Even the managers don’t know what to do in some circumstances. Heck, you can’t even enter days off ahead of time you either enter your time off on the day of or after the fact.

A few weeks ago, my mom was here, visiting the girls, and I took three days off. When I got back I tried to enter my time in the same way I have done before with our previous system. Well, first, is not like I could change the pre-populated time, to vacation time. Then I was told, to leave it and enter a “new shift” with my vacation time and vacation code, and the system would automatically update, somehow.

A week later, payday comes around. I got asked if I got a raise. I was confused for a minute, then, I realized what had happened. The system did don’t correct itself, I got paid for 24 hours of overtime…

Then, a debate started in my head. Do I say something? Should I not? Is not my mistake. Or is it? Now I’m conflicted, and I knew this would not let me sleep. So that afternoon, I talked to my manager and explained the situation.

I was praised for my honesty and for coming forward and saying something. Neither I nor my manager knew exactly how to go about it. Eventually, he talked to his manager who in turn asked him to reach out to HR.

Long story short, my next paycheck will be short. Sometimes being honest sucks 😜

Gabz @Gabz