Getting by with the bare minimum.

There used to be a time in my life when I was much more enthusiastic and invested in new technologies and technology in general. As things have become more accessible and life a lot busier, I have very little time to be on top of information as I once was, I feel like. 

I still try to keep an eye out, and at least be aware of things but in practice, very little. I listen to many podcasts and read (or try to) things about new technologies available, especially on devices I already own. Things like automation, shortcuts, and things you can do with focus modes and actions. Nowadays we have ChatGPT, which is something a lot of people are excited about and many developers are integrating it with their apps. All good and dandy.

And then there's me here feeling like, ugh

Feeling like I don't have the bandwidth to look into these things and play like all the cool kids on my block. I feel like I am falling behind, getting behind the curve, and becoming an old man that's comfortable with the things I can do and not looking into the future as much.

Perhaps if I didn't have two jobs, my joby-job, and parenting, I would have more time or motivation to look out for what's new and play. I don't feel like playing as much these days, el-oh-el.

I can get by with the bare minimum 😝

Gabz @Gabz