My favorite computer?

In this week’s Newsletter from Nash, MY FAVORITE COMPUTER, he writes about how his (SPOILER ALERT) 6th Gen, iPad Mini, has become his favorite computer;

When on the move, it’s easy to take with me wherever I go (errands, trips, or coffee shops). It fits in all of my bags, pouches, and even the back pocket of my jeans. When at home, it’s great for the couch or in bed. When in my office, it’s the perfect companion device to compliment whatever I’m working on.

Typing or drawing. Watching or thinking. It’s the right combination of everything someone needs in a computer. The way it stays minimal while also transforming and shape-shifting, makes it my favorite computer of all time.

This had me thinking for a bit. What is my favorite computer?

If you had asked me a month or so ago, my answer most likely would have been my iPad Air (whichever generation is the latest). Fast forward to today, and I think my answer is entirely different. In fact, as they say, it’s complicated, ish.

I spend 90 percent of my “computer” time on my work computer, some Dell laptop provided by the company. Most of my writing happens on said computer. I browse the internet on it too or read my RSS. And yet, it is not my favorite computer. It is probably my most readily accessible device, since Im in front of it for eight hours a day, but not my favorite.

The iPad, well, I rarely use it these days, it is mostly being used by one of my girls. My MacBook Pro… Well, half of the time I don’t even know where in the house is located.

So, if I had to pick, it would have to be my iPhone 14 Pro, I would think. I don’t think I’ve written about it but yes, about a month ago or so I got a new Macintosh mobile device, an upgrade from an iPhone mini. Anyway, I guess lots gets done nowadays on this device over the iPad because of all that new real estate I have now compared to what I had previously with the mini.

Reading, media “consumption” (I dislike that term, for whatever reason), capturing ideas, managing tasks, editing and taking pictures, some writing and publishing, best user interface over my work computer for sure, and performance. Well, all of that just to say that I guess that would make the iPhone 14 Pro my favorite computer then?

What’s your favorite computer?

Gabz @Gabz