Unplanned Pit-stops

I have to admit that I struggle a bit with, waking up early, being all over the place in the mornings, and always rushing out the door like a headless chicken. This morning, however, I woke up on time and was somewhat and mostly organized. I took some chicken out to thaw, I did not forget Marley’s lunch or water bottle and turned on the dishwasher on my way out, and on top of that, I took the trash bin out! All of that, before 6:17 AM, perfect.

Well, because either sheer bad luck or the always conspiring universe, and fucking Murphy, on the way to dropping the girls at grandmas' house, I remembered I did not take my Make-Gaby-Functional-pills. So, I dropped off the little devils and drove back to the house, the first unplanned pit stop. Still, up to that point, I was still doing “good” time. Every stop light was green for me, almost no traffic, small wins. Right?

However, some idiot, which will remain unnamed, forgot to gas up the car yesterday, the second pit stop. And since I was already there, by the gas station there’s Dutch Bros, and the best part, no line, second pit stop and second small win.

Yeah, I might have made it to work much later than I wanted, but I and the car were… fueled!

Gabz @Gabz