Just embrace it

My work site is located in a yet relatively agricultural area. Although most fields are being sold and developed into, what I call, Mega-Subdivisions, there are still many fields around.

During my morning commute, I often get these beautiful spectacles, with sunrises, the fields, and sometimes very dramatic colors. And I always think, “Man, I should take a picture”. Get my camera out and just get a beautiful snapshot. The problem is, I am driving on a road where everyone is going at least 55mph or considerably more than that. Also, a road that’s almost impossible to just pull over, as it barely has a shoulder on either side, plus, again, too many, too fast, cars.

At that point, I just resign from the idea, I mean, I could get a less busy route, but many times, I am already somewhat late to work or just right… Again, I resign from the idea and just embrace the spectacle and enjoy it.

Gabz @Gabz