No Pressure

My boss made me cry today!

Since I started this joby-job of mine, there has always been the expectation that I would prepare myself to become a Registered Genetic Technologist, or RGT for short. This has always been a huge source of anxiety for me. I have always had this fear of disappointing or letting down people, that’s due to my obsessive-compulsive personality, according to my crazy-doc. It is a huge pressure and something that hunts my mind. Especially since the lady I was working for, was kind of a motherly figure and she had – or so I think – high expectations of me.

I took my first crack at the exam in the Summer of 2022. The lady I was working with (or for) wasn’t just a member of the Society of Seed Technologists and an RGT, but also a member of the board of examiners, meaning that she, along with two others, would score my test. No pressure.

I did not pass the test, and I felt terrible about it. I would have a second chance to take it in the Winter of 2022. However, fall is the busiest time of the year for me, so I skipped it, and ultimately, she retired.

The new goal is to take it at the SCST conference in Saskatoon, Canada, this summer. This has been heavy on my mind since the beginning of the year.

I got to study, I got to study, I got to study

This morning, like every Friday morning, I had my 1-on-1 with my new boss. He is basically the the-lady-I-was-working-with-for’s replacement and my new direct boss. The main topic today was my goals for 2023. One of them read as follows,

Continue with my goal of becoming a Registered Genetic Technologist by completing available webinars, attending the 2023 SCST meeting, and taking the exam

To which he proceeded to suggest to not to take the exam this year.


He also needs to get this certification, therefore he also needs to go through the process of studying for it. He suggested, to work together this year, study together and help each other in the areas I might be more knowledgeable on and he helps me in the areas he is more knowledgeable on, etc.

That took a huge pressure off my chest. So much so that I could not help it and my eyes got watery, I am not sure if he noticed or not, I think I played it cool. But it was a huge relief for sure!

I like my new boss

Gabz @Gabz