The I don't know in my head

I presume we all have these moments, these moments in which we are confronted by a situation, task, request, or question, and the first thing that pops up is, I don't know. But, do you really, don't know?

I have moments like so many times a day. This is the reason why I am sometimes, well, most of the time, scared of my work email. There are moments in which I would get a question or request, I read it, and at first, I panic, impostor syndrome kicks in, and my first thought is, I don't know.

Then, I have a sip of my coffee, or mate, whichever I am fancying that day, step back, calm myself down, breathe, and try to work my way into figuring it out.

But those moments of self-doubt, and the first thought I have when confronted with a "tough" situation, immediately sort of giving up and saying I don't know, they get me every single time.

Stop the lap dance I want to go home

Gabz @Gabz