Lee Peterson on How to blog more from your smartphone.

  Lee Peterson, AKA LJPUK on How to blog more from your smartphone.

First thing is remove all of your social media apps to a second home page or the App Library.
Second is put your blogging app on your main Home Screen.
That’s it.
Post your thoughts to your blog first.

Easy peasy!

I have to admit, I do 70% of my blogging, from my Macintosh mobile device, 25% from a computer device and a browser, and 5% from the iPad.

When using my Mac mobile device, Ulysses lives on my home screen, always has, and if, for whatever reason, it isn't, I fire up Drafts put my thoughts down, and then I can either send them to Ulysses or just post straight from Drafts.

Now I'll be taking a little bit of a tangent here. But because of the fact I blog mostly from my Mac mobile device, and not just blogging even editing photos, I often find myself wishing I had a bigger screen...

Love the mini but...

Well, that's another blog-post

I 💖 blogging

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