Back in 2012, Annie and I scheduled a trip to Puerto Rico, it was also around the time I got back into comics (2011) with DC’s reboot, The New 52.

I remember, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I saw a post from my favourite artist, Greg Capullo, that he would be in Puerto Rico ComicCon the same weekend that we’d be there. I think this was PR’d first ComicCon, actually. Not only that, but I remember going to my local comic book store and getting a physical copy of one of his Batman books, which he was working on along with Scott Snyder, building up to the Court of Owls story line.

Anyway, he was there, along with Dan Didio. It was a short line, again, it was PR’s first ComicCon, even Tommy Oliver was there, I remember. I did the line, book on had, Batman #2 (because I didn’t have #1) and met my hero.

The pictures are pretty bad, considering today’s standards, I believe these were taken with an iPhone 4S 😅. The thing is, I have thought I had lost these pictures.

A few days ago, I got the infamous message that my camera’s memory card was full. Today I found my external hard drive and was ready to transfer/backup all the pictures to it, when I saw a folder called photo stream. I dived into it, and long and behold, I found these pictures, along with some others, from the same year. Found a couple about my grandpa, who passed away years ago.

Delighted to have found all these, and then some.

Gabz @Gabz