My top 5 video games of 2022.

Welcome, to another post of Games of the Year!

God Of War Ragnarök

My impressions of the game are here.

God of War Ragnarok review: Get in loser, we're stopping the apocalypse

This is the kind of game, well this is the game that you'd want to buy a PlayStation 5 for. I have played through the entire main story and it was a thrill, to play this game. Definitely worth coming back to it for the extra missions.

 Xenoblade Chronicles 3

My impressions of the game are here.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3's Release Date Has Been Pushed Up by Almost Two Months - CNET

By far, one of the bests games I have played on the Nintendo Switch this year. The character development, and the overall story, it's so great! I genuinely invested in these characters and the sorry, chapter 5, uff, it really got to me. A game is definitely worth picking up and enjoying.

Horizon Forbidden West 

No impressions on this one, not sure why 🤷🏼‍♂️

Horizon Forbidden West review: A crowd-pleasing sequel | Tom's Guide

I am very surprised, I did not make a post on this one, or perhaps I did while I was hosting – briefly – my blog in Ghost. So we can say that those impressions on the game... ghosted.

This is another game, worth getting a PlayStation 5 for, even though this game also came out for the PS4 if memory serves. The graphics, story, action, and everything about this game make it a  game of the year for me.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

My impressions of the game are here.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge gets new gameplay video |

Best Independent game I played on the Nintendo Switch this year. Developer Tribute Games did an outstanding job on this game. Bringing a great beat 'em u, full of fun nostalgia, a fantastic soundtrack, and lots of fun!

Trek to Yomi 

Also, no impressions.

Trek to Yomi Review – Masterfully Crafted

I can't recall how I became aware of this game but I do remember taking notice of its classic samurai film visuals. It was like Ghost of Tsushima but in side-scrolling. I can't really say that is 2D side-scrolling because it does have some different camera angles. The game is beautiful and full of surprises, and it can also be tough, it is almost soul-like. You need to memorize your opponents' attacks and strike at the right time, there's no hacking and slashing your way through this one.

Games on deck:

Currently, I am playing a few other games that haven't played enough to be runner-ups.

On the Switch, Chained Echoes.

Chained Echoes - Chained Echoes

created by a single developer, is my understanding, with the help of some pixel art artists but developed by  Matthias Linda. What got me sold on this game is that it is an homage to games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI. Very much calling back to some SNES classics JRPGs. I have played a few hours but not enough to be truly invested yet.

On the PlayStation 5, Need For Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound Review – Check Engine Light

I do have a lot to say about this one, I think. I have played a significant amount so far and I have a lot of mixed feelings, mostly good but, well, stay tuned.

Well, there ya' have it, my top 5. Let me know, down bellow, what are your top 5 games, if any, and what have you been playing.

Okay guys, until next time! ✌🏼

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