On writing my thoughts.

I’ve read many times, to write my thoughts before bed, apparently it helps with sleeping better. Also, many times, there’s so much running through my head to figure out what exactly to write about or where to even start. I’m sure there are ways to work around that. I know journaling applications like Day One have templates for this, like many others. These templates or exercises consists of a few questions about your mood, your day, wins, and failures (I think) and goals for tomorrow, etc. I have thought about this, and it gives me some anxiety. Why? Well, it means I have to think and be honest with myself. It means I might also get overwhelmed with everything that there’s to do and accomplish. That perhaps I’m not as much in control as I think I am.

I have always been, for years, in this philosophy that things will just work out. Well, spoiler alert, it doesn’t always. Like a great philosopher once said;

That’s not how the force works!

There’s got to be some effort to put on. There is responsibility and accountability. There are many things about me that I know I need to get straightened up, that I need to be more responsible about.

Like most of us, I am a work in progress. But acknowledging that and doing something about it, are very different things, I would think.

This is my fear about writing my thoughts out. It will reveal some truths that, in some way, I’ve been just putting in the back of my head, and neglecting them. Perhaps thinking that by neglecting and pretending they aren’t there, eventually, by some act of the force, they’ll all be fixed, and it’ll all workout. Without any effort, just with the bare minimum.

Gabz @Gabz