A game I have been playing

Dawn of the Monsters on the Nintendo Switch

I had no idea, this game even excised. I am even surprised it didn’t even make it into my radar as someone who’s constantly checking what’s new in the eShop. I believe the game was first released, at least on the Nintendo shop, back in March. It wasn’t until I was watching a resent episode of Happy Console Gamer, my second favorite Canadian, that I made aware of this game.

Side-scrolling, kaiju beat-‘em-up!

When I read that, I was sold! Imagine Streets of Rage meets Pacific Rim! Just like your typical beat-‘em-up, you fight a wave of enemies, all of them monsters, and move to the next area and at the end of it, there will be a boss fight. A simple formula that still works.

You get to pick in between 4 characters, two mecas and two kaijus that’s somehow fight for humanity. You get to select deferent upgrades or enhancements. And off you go.

The story is, so far, simple, save humanity by getting rid of the “nephilim” (the monsters).

The art it’s great, very anime/comic book ish.

The music it’s fine, not mind-blowing like other games of its genre, but it fits.

It has really been a lot of fun playing this game. In fact, I have been playing on local co-op with my oldest daughter, and she’s also been having fun with it. The game isn’t super-difficult, I have probably died once, it can get a little hairy when multiple enemies band together and your daughter is too busy watching YouTube rather than play with you.

Gabz @Gabz