Watch Talk.

Well, I have been using the Apple Watch since the series 0, never bought or worn any other watch since, until recently when I purchased a less smartypants watch, a Casio G-SHOCK. At first, just becue I was getting tired or bored of the Apple watch itself a bit and wanted something different, design-wise. Then, apple announces the Apple Watch Ultra. When I saw the “chunkier” and the different design of it, well, I knew I wanted one.

It has been officially 16 days since I got my Apple Watch Ultra, aka MEGAZORD, yes, I’ve named it MEGAZORD. And, I am loving this thing. I had some first impressions. I still think it’s a hefty, chunky watch but that was never my concern, to be honest. I mean, I have always been a fan of chunkier-ish watches and to be honest, it is not any bigger than my G-SHOCK.

Heavier, yes, but not crazy heavy. Love the new design, the flat screen is probably my favorite thing, the protruded buttons, it looks very different from what I have been wearing all these years and I appreciate that. The screen is, to me, much much brighter and of course, bigger, which I also appreciate, I ain’t getting any younger, so everything is more clear and legible, especially outdoors.

Battery life of course it’s awesome, I think I charge mine every other day. However, if I am taking a bath or in any other situation in which I am not wearing the watch, I just throw it on the charger just because. I don’t necessarily wait until is dead-dead to charge it, probably should but, meh! Also, the braided cable, love it!

I got mine with the orange alpine strap band, I love the color, and I guess I have a newfound appreciation for the color orange. Love the accent orange color on the action button, which I forget it’s there since this is the first watch to have it. The build quality of this watch is top-notch, it doesn’t feel — or look — cheap by any means (and it certainly ain’t cheap).

As far as the watch faces, I am always bouncing between two different ones (so far), Modular, and Wayfinder.

Wayfinder has been my daily one. The apps I am using with it, so far are,

  • World Clock with my local time. I suck at reading analog clocks these days so I cheat. I know I can have the digital time on the top Sub-dial but many times the clock hands get in the way and it’s hard to tell the time.

  • Calendar.

  • Carrot’s Weather

  • Things 3

The Modular one is usually for workouts, I like easy access to timers and some information. But as I am typing this, I think I am just going to consolidate everything on the Wayfinder Watch Face, I would be just adding a slot for easy access to the Timer app.

Overall I am very happy with it, definitely more my style, no complaints here — yet.


I’ve gotten a new backpack, super-randomly, I need to play more with it and see what role fits in my everyday carry workflow.

Gabz @Gabz