For reasons I don’t remember anymore, something’s wrong with our washing machine, besides being super-old, that we have to add the softener in the middle of it rather than the machine do it by “itself”. We can’t just add it to the tray or whatever spot and hope it’ll work. Since I am the only responsible adult here (ha! responsible, he says) I am the one that has to remember, usually Annie is the one on top of the timing, or actually paying attention.

Yesterday, I loaded some clothes, and actually started a stopwatch to figure out how long it takes until I have to add the softener. Thirty-five minutes, in the normalsetting, thirty-five minutes until I have to add the softener. Now, when I load some clothes I ask Siri to remind me to add softener in 35 mins.

Good, I did that today because I am fiddling around on the computer and totally forgot I had a load goin.

In other news,

Today is a relaxing Sunday. The girls are playing, nicely with each other which is rare sometimes, and litsening to Los Wálters - Isla Disco.

I’ll take it.

Gabz @Gabz