Not the greatest day.

So, I messed up, big time.

Even though I did call the school to confirm the time of Marley’s lunch, in my mind, for whatever reason, it was still 12:20pm rather than 11:20am. I even left earlier than planned due to the climate to make sure I’d be on time. And yet, I was an hour late to have lunch with Marley.


We have both been waiting for this day all week, super-excited, and yet, I failed. My day wasn’t going well, to begin with, but this… ugh!

Anyways, they allowed me to have lunch with her. As expected Marley was not happy and that broke my heart. I explained what happened to her, apologized to her, we sat, had lunch, we talked. We got snow, for the first time this year, down in the valley, and Marley asked if she could play outside after school. Sadly I think it’ll melt by the time she’s out, but I told her if we still had snow she certainly could. Once we were done with lunch I walked her back to her classroom, apologized again, and pinky-promised ( it’s kind of a big deal and she smiled) that it would never happen again, and off she went.

By that point, she was her normal self.

But I was still feeling terrible inside. I still do. Like the worst parent on Planet Earth.

Once I had some time to reflect, I came home, to try to get some work done, the day is not over. I opened my email and a whole lot of other shit ensued.

I sat back, cried a bit, cracked my fingers, and started typing emails.

Nothing today is going according to plan and I feel very frustrated, very much so…

On the other hand, I am looking forward to picking Marley up from school, then Luna from grandma’s, watching a movie, and having popcorn with the girls.

Gabz @Gabz