Late again

Today, I was late to pick Marley up from school. Ish.

As I was getting in the car, just about to leave work, as I’d normally do, an old man approached my car (he was also missing his front upper teeth).

Anyway, I roll down my window and ask how I could help. He asked if I wanted $20.00 to take him to gas station down the road, as his truck ran out of gas.

Without hesitation, I go. Well, of course! And no money needed! It was quite the walk from the site to the closest gas station but a less than a minute drive (it’s a high speed road)

He was a nice old man, and we were both hoping the gas station had fuel containers too. We get to the gas station, I told him I’d wait for him and give him a drive back. Luckily, they had fuel containers, and guess what? Also gas 👍🏼

I give the toothless man a ride back to his truck, not too far from the site, and also on my way back to get to Marley’s.

Marley gets off at 4:50pm, and I made it by 4:45pm!

Here’s the interesting thing about it all, last year today, I also made it late to pick Marley up, but for a whole different reason.

My hope is, that this doesn’t become a yearly habit. 😅

Gabz @Gabz