Another one about subscriptions

Yesterday I was having a conversation about subscriptions, in a super-secret iMessage chat, that made me reconsider and look at every subscription I currently have. Mostly the ones through the Appstore with most of them being annual subs.

My current active subs are;

Apple One (monthly) 29.95

CARROT Weather, Family (Tier 4) (yearly) 29.99

Audible (monthly) 15.99

Cascable (quarterly) 4.99

Drafts (yearly) 19.99

Glass (monthly) 4.99

Overcast (yearly) 9.99

Parcel (yearly) 4.99

Ulysses (yearly) now, 39.99

Up Ahead (yearly) 9.99

These are what have got left after canceling many others last night. Of the few remaining, I feel like I can weed some out even further.

Apple One, well, that's gonna stay, most likely. 

CARROT, I am considering dropping it, Apple's stock weather app has gotten slightly better, or just good enough for my particular needs.

Audible, I feel like I can definitely get by without it, as there are other ways perhaps to listen to Audiobooks. I need to look more into that.

Cascable, both Annie and I use it, to wirelessly transfer RAW files from our cameras to our devices. I believe there is a lifetime option so that might be worth it. I did the same with Darkroom, I just went for the lifetime option.

Overcast, I have had that one for so long that I can't tell what I would be losing if I went for the free tier.

Parcel, it's a fine app, it works and it's only 5 USD a year

Up Ahead, I really like the app, it clocked with me right away so at this point is more to support and try to keep it around.

Ulysses and Drafts, are two apps that in many ways, can or do the same. Yes, Ulysses has revision mode and can handle images better than Drafts could. But one is half the cost of the other one. This one is a thought one for me, for sure.

We shall see what happens.

Don't know if you noticed but there are no Twitter apps listed 🤪

Gabz @Gabz