I blame the nostalgia

To me, this is a personal, not humble opinion, Spotify is the equivalent of Facebook, in the streaming services universe in some ways.

I don’t like it, I despise it, I hate the way the app looks, and I would rather not use it. However, recently I have been using it and paying for it. Yes, I feel gross, a little. The reason I have been using it, I blame nostalgia. Regrettably, on Spotify, there is a large library of old Reggaeton music that I loved listening to it back in the day. Most of this content is not available on Apple Music, which is my streaming service of choice. Some of it eventually make it to Apple Music, but it is rare and hard to find and Apple doesn’t do a good job at “finding” and suggesting these like Spotify does.

And I get it, I heard them [Artists and Producers] talking on different podcast shows about the fact that Spotify pays more for streaming than Apple Music does, or so they say. Thus, it makes more sense for them to have their music streaming on Spotify over Apple Music. That and most of the hardcore fans, from Puerto Rico, already use Spotify over Apple music, so…

I don’t like it but, I want my old-school reggaeton beats, again, for nostalgia.

Gabz @Gabz