No 👻 for you!

I am pretty sure I am not alone on this one, but every once in a while, I do get the itch to try other blogging platforms. Even though I am always, and irrevocably, end up back at the same place. The one platform that always calls my attention is Ghost. I have self-hosted it, hated it, I have done their Pro plan, and loved it. But again, always back and our beloved it Micro.Blog. 

This week, I got the Ghost-itch. "Let us just do the trial", I said, thinking that would scratch the itch. Well, this time around, in the few attempts on setting it up, my card has been declined, which is a little odd, is the same one I have always used before. The only things I can think of are, either my bank, which is actually a credit union, it's been a little stingy since  Ghost it's a "foreign"  company or I have been blacklisted by Ghost 😂. 

Either way, I am taking this as a sign and slowly walking away. 

Gabz @Gabz