Today will be week two since I got my less smarty-pants watch, I had my impression after a week and concluded that I would definitely be using the Apple Watch for my workouts, as it does a better job at that. Yesterday, however, I forgot my apple watch, well more like I had forgotten to charge it and was dead by the time I was heading out. So I did my workout without the apple watch. It felt a bit weird not tracking my workout and not having access to a nice set of timers. 

Today, I made sure it was charged for tonight's sesh. First thing, the plethora of notifications, ugh! Second, the activity app is yelling at me for not closing my rings yesterday, which I'm pretty much sure I would have, at least both my movement and workout ring. 

I am not sure I want to stop using the Apple Watch for my workouts. But what I really need to do is limit the number of notifications I get on it.

Or who knows, maybe I'll stop using altogether...

Gabz @Gabz