Last night’s kettlebell sesh was rough. The original plan was to go lighter and work more on my cardio with a simple kettlebell flow. However, it turns out that now I am not the only kettlebell user at my local playground. Moreover, this playground doesn’t have a lot of kettlebell equipment choices. They basically have one bell for each weight, and the bell I was planning on using, got taken. This meant I had to go with a heavier bell. Obviously, I ain’t going lower, duh! At least is one that I am comfortable with but I use that one more for when I want to work on strength rather than cardio movement and conditioning.

Regardless, I continued with my plan but, again, heavier bell. Man, that was tough! It was a great sesh, I managed to push through it, but it was tough.

In the end, I felt good about myself, and couldn’t get mad at the lady who took the other bell because, well, one, it made me have to push myself and it paid off, and two, she knew what she was doing with the bell (Yes, I judge people that do not know how to properly handle a kettlebell).

Not sure what the plan is for today, my body tells me I need rest. My ego on the other hand, as we say back home says, “no la podemos dejar caer”.

Gabz @Gabz