Something new.

I have got a new toy! Well, it is more like we got new toys.

Annie wanted to upgrade her iPhone 12 Mini to the 13 Mini, so while doing the upgrade, I set myself up for a Purple iPad Air 256 GB, cellular. And she got a green 128 GB iPhone 13 mini.

Why did I get an iPad Air?

I currently own a 2018 11” iPad Pro, nothing wrong with it, in fact, it will still be rocking around the house, most likely by the girls. My only complaint about it was the storage, I think it is 64 GB. I would find myself constantly deleting things or just restoring the iPad completely whenever I ran out of storage, mostly pictures.

The iPad, is my main “computing” device. A lot of my writing is done on the iPad, and 90 percent of my photo managing and editing is also done on the iPad. This and storage are the main reasons I wanted to get a new device. I really did not care for another Pro device, I just wanted an iPad with lots of storage.

So far, I am liking the Air, its design is very similar to the 11” iPad Pro, so I can’t really tell any noticeable differences. I am sure there are numerous technical differences between the two, but I really don’t care.

Touch ID, it’s both cool and weird at the same time, but it doesn’t bother me either. The old Smart-keyboard from the iPad Pro works on the Air, so I am set. I believe the Apple Pencil works as well, but I rarely ever use it, so it doesn’t matter to me much.

Gabz @Gabz