🎮 A Game I have been playing.

I should probably start giving these "Volumes" again.

Asura's Wrath on the Play Station 5 via PlayStation Plus


This game was released back on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 days, back in 2012 to be exact.  This game had always been under my radar, I mean, this game hits all the correct stokes for me: mythology, Hindu and Buddhist mythologies in this case, ridiculous over-the-top fights, and a completing story. If you have played games like Devil May Cry, and Bayonetta, this game, is right up there. I cannot remember why I never played it back then but I am glad I have finally got to it.

I have recently signed up for Play Station Plus Premium, just to try it and see if it's something it might stick to or not, and this game is included. It is a stream to play which I don't know how I feel about that, I much rather download it and have it available this way, but, oh well.

The story is presented in the format of an episodic Anime series (very Anime-like), including opening and closing credits, recaps, and previews of the next episode. The game follows Asura a demigod seeking revenge on other demigods who betrayed him. The story so far has been very compelling and it's doing a good job and keeping me engaged in what's going on and where it's going. 

The graphics on this game do hold up pretty well, I mean it's a 2012 game. As I had mentioned before, this game is very over-the-top, the fights are ridiculously crazy, and there is a very few hacks and slash fight sequences, it is all about big fights and there are different stages to them! I mean, your first boss battle starts as a regular fight then your take on his one gigantic finger going down to earth to smash you. If you have played games like God of War, well every fight is kinda like that, pressing the right buttons and the right time, sequences, and such in order to completely decimate your enemy.

Personally, as someone that is a sucker for the ridiculous, I'm having a blast playing this game and cannot wait to see what the story unfolds.

Gabz @Gabz