If there are a few things in life that I have always been a junkie for are, watches, backpacks, bracelets, and, most of all, sunglasses. I think I remember my first pair, at least the first legit pair of sunglasses I had as a kid. My dad, being another sunglasses junkie, got me a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators, and that's when it all began...

I have been a Sunglasses junkie since, I cannot count how many pairs and different brands I have rocked throwout the years, colors, and shapes. Or how many have gone lost, stolen and broken.

My most recent purchase, back in 2019 was the New Wayfarer.


Ever since I hadn't purchased any other pairs whatsoever, I was happy with them, they were comfortable, great polarized lenses, and all in all, a good buy.

Until, two weeks ago...

I was traveling for work, I went to Naples FL, then Skokie IL, and somewhere in between, I lost them. No idea when, where, or how, but lost they were and I was sad. Yesterday though, I replaced them!


And yes, they are the exact same ones. Although, I kind of was looking to get the folding ones, not sure why. They did have them in store but the regular size, I got a big face so I need the oversized ones. They offered to order them for me and all that, but they had the non-foldable ones right there and then and I am super-impatient, so, I snagged these.

Part of me may still order the foldable ones, at some point, it is always nice to have a backup I guess. You know, the Rule of Two. In the meantime though, and until then, let us try not to lose these ones. 

Gabz @Gabz