It snapped.

Okay, it is supposed to be spring. You know, flowers and trees blooming, birds chirping, some may say even love is in the air, etc. Although the weather has shown me that this is totally bullshit, however, every once in a while, we do have some nice days, ish. I guess at this point I'll take what I can get. Like Saturday morning, it wasn't particularly nice, not too warm but sunny, enough to finally, do some yard work.

I get my mowing attire (sunglasses included), get the mower out (still gas like an animal, apologies) and my super-not-fancy electric weedwhacker. I always like to start with the weedwhacker, trim the edges, around the curvings and all. Once that part was done, I go to my mower and check the gas level, I also check the engine oil, and all looks fine, time to mow.

Except, for the fact that the pull line snapped! 


Well, that's relatively easy, all I need to do is buy a new line and replace it. Right? A quick stop to my local Low's, and about 5.00 USD later I have a new line. Go home, and installed the line, and it is not retracting. Why, why is not retracting? Well, after further investigation and some frustration, it turned out that the little peace that would hold the coil in place for the rotor to retract also snapped.

So, bout 35.00 USD later and the magic of internet search, I am getting the whole new top assembly. And now I will have a spare pull line.

Also, I gotta add, even if I were successful in replacing the line with no other issues, by the time I got back from Low's and installed the new pull line, the sun was gone and we had a storm. And the rest of this week doesn't look very promising either so who knows when I'll get my yard done for sure, laugh-out-loud.

Gabz @Gabz