Rage quit everything?

I guess is fair to assume that most of us either woke up to very awful-bull-shitty news or went to bed last night angry, sad, and feeling powerless. Of course, I am talking about this.

As someone that has been battling depression and anxiety, and the father of two daughtersthings like these really affect me. I feel so overwhelmed by all the feelings and thoughts that come pouring into my head every time I doom scroll through my Twitter feed or some news outlet. All I want to do is leave social media altogether. I don't want to read anymore, I don't want to watch any more videos, I want to be completely desensitized. But that would be like burying my head in the sand, it seems selfish and makes me feel guilty. It is almost as if it's my obligation to keep on social media, to keep doom-scrolling and reading and get angrier and sadder, otherwise, I am ignoring the issues, and, again, it makes me feel guilty. Like I am dismissing what is happening and not giving it the importance that deserves.

And yes, we have to be enraged by this, it is awful and it is wrong. But, how much can we take? How far can we allow ourselves to go down this rabbit hole before we go mentally ill of everything that is happening? Is it OK, to have a moment or just don't think or step away without feeling guilty? Especially when it is one thing after the other. 

Perhaps today would be a good day to not be around on social media...

Or perhaps just like with video games, rage quit everything.

Gabz @Gabz