Neal Adams

Neal Adams, who helped reshape characters like Batman, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow, has died. He was 80 years old. Adams fought for creators rights in comics, conducted regular Q&A sessions with fans on social media, and created or co-created numerous beloved characters, including John Stewart, Ra's al Ghul, and Man-Bat.  

  Source: Legendary Comics Artist Neal Adams Dead at 80

This is very sad news!

Growing up, I knew about his work without knowing it was his. I guess I did not pay too much attention to who the creators of my favorite comic books were, at the time. Then around 2014 or so, I remember discovering Kevin Smith's Podcast called, Fatman on Batman, where he would invite and talk to comic-book creators. I very fondly, remember his first interview with Neal Adams, it was a two parts episode. That's how long his story and conversations were. Everything from him getting into comics, to making it into the business, and fighting for the creators' rights. Fighting for the creators of Superman. The way he told these stories, was very cinematic like you could see what he was narrating or telling very clearly. He was such a creator and storyteller.

I remember listening to those episodes over and over again.

Sadly those episodes are no longer in the current podcast's catalog, I would love to revisit them and revive these stories in my head. 

Thank you, Neal. May you rest in peace.

Gabz @Gabz