Down the 90s memory lane

I am not entirely sure where I picked this idea from, to be honest. Something I have been doing for the past few weeks is asking Siri, to play hits from a specific year in the 90s. Born in the early 80s, and although I do remember some of the music back then, I am mostly a 90s kid when it comes to music. Sorry, not sorry.

So, yes, I go and ask for Siri for hits of that year and play it for, well, until I have had enough and then move to the next. For whatever reason, I started with 1995. I should have started with hits from 1990, rather, oh well.

 I am listening to 1998's today, and the first song that played was My heart will go on by Céline Dion 🤢. 

Gabz @Gabz