Backpack dump.

In preparation to my upcoming work trip, I dumped everything from daily carry backpack to, organize and do some

Kind of inventory about my everyday carries.

Here is the state of my pack as of, March 5th, 2022.

The backpack

My backpack of choice — currently —is the 20-liters Everyday Backpack by Peak Design. I have got to be honest, I may have purchased this bag out of FOMO. At the time, this was the backpack all the cool kids were talking about. That being said, this is probably the best backpack I have ever owned. It truly clicked for me and does exactly what I wanted from a backpack.

The contents

  1. Work computer, some HP business laptop, I hate it.
  2. Work phone – iPhone 8, it’s battery-dead most of the time, rarely ever use it.
  3. Work keys, can’t believe I am using keys, for work, in 2022 ¯_(ツ)
  4. Apple MagSafe wallet – my favourite wallet currently, only carry 2 things, my debit card and ID
  5. Appeel journal – got that from work, it’s nice
  6. Insignia USB Type-C Memory Card Reader – crucial, this is how I transfer pictures on the go to my iPad or MacBook Pro.
  7. PENTEL Sharp Mechanical Drafting Pencil, 0.9 mm – no idea why I got this for, but it’s nice to have.
  8. Parker Jotter Pen – best pen ever!
  9. Some fine point sharpie, fine point sharpies elevate your writing skills by 20%
  10. Some random pen I got from the last hotel I stayed in.
  11. AirPods Pro – the best AirPods I’ve ever owned – so far
  12. Camera, the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III attached is the mzuiko 25 mm and always carry the 45 mm with me as well.
  13. Usb c to lightning cable, some rental cars nowadays have usb c rather than regular usb, gotta be prepared.
  14. Nintendo Switch lite – easy to carry with me every day, and everywhere. The regular switch stays docked at home. And of course, its charger, it not only charges my switch but also my iPad Pro.
  15. 2018 11-inch iPad Pro with the smart keyboard. Best macintosh computing device ever made.
  16. And last but definitely not least, Hello Kitty’s Funko Pop, she’s my travel buddy.

Furthermore, I always carry a small pocket knife with me, but for some reason, it’s been missing… I believe it’s in my satchel, a.k.a. fanny pack, that I use when out in the field.

Not in the picture, I always try to have a beanie with me somewhere in there, at least during the cold months. My sunglasses are sometimes in there, and my car key.

Gabz @Gabz