Read it later

This is probably the less efficient way of doing “read it later” but, for better or worse, this is how I’ve been going about it. Yes, I use a read it later service/app, and that is instapaper, mostly. However, I don’t use it exclusively.

A lot of my read it later comes from, well, depending on where I’m browsing. If I’m on Twitter, favoriting a tweet, can be something to read (or reference) later. I think I can set up instapaper to grab those but, eh! In, I bookmark, and if I am in Feedbin, usually at work, using the web app, I star them.

Do I ever come back and actually read them later? I may or may not. That’s the problem with read it later, sometimes they don’t get read. But there’s always the; what if I need it later?

Read this later…

Gabz @Gabz