I’m tired.

First we got COVID, then the Delta, then Omicron, now the supposedly Deltacron, and how knows how many more have been that I am not aware of or that are coming.

FKN Quit it! 😅

I am spent, tired. When will it “end”? I’m tired of living in constant paranoia and fear. Like I heard in a podcast recently, Omicron is the new Squid Game. Like no matter how much I do protect myself and my family, it is just a matter of time until we just get it.

I feel for the healthcare system’s people, including my wife. She is not in direct contact with patients but the whole system is affected, stressed and overworked. I am also tired of the politicization of it all. Like wearing a mask and/or getting a vaccine, is a political stance instead of common sense.


Gabz @Gabz