I've quit, again

This would be the 4th account I have closed. When trying to quit using Facebook years ago, I had already closed and re-opened the account, 3 times — I think it was 3. For Instagram, this would be by 4th and hopefully, the last time. I was thinking about, just like I did with Facebook all those years ago, leaving a '30-days notice". Put something up on my stories or a post...

Stop the lap dance I want to go home. Closing shop in by the end of the month! 

Or something like that.

Nah, instead, in a moment of pure impulsiveness (as I always do), I logged into the web thingy and closed it.

I am sure there will be people I'll miss, and that's okay I guess.

Siempre papi, nunca unpapi  ✌🏽

Gabz @Gabz