📍🎙 No way they could've figured that out on their own

This morning on my morning commute, like in everyone, I was listening to a podcast radio show, Supernatural with Ashley Flowers.

Today’s episode, ALIEN: Ancient Aliens

Fragments of a map from the 1500s sparked a theory that’s been going strong for decades. It holds that extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth for thousands of years, gifting humans with advanced tech far beyond our means. Today, we investigate the mysteries that make aliens seem almost plausible.

I don’t talk about this often, or rather, I don’t blog or have conversations online about this particular topic, perhaps because it has been beaten to death. But I am a sucker for all things aliens or theories on ancient technology and such. So, this episode was very fascinating to me. Then, something was addressed that blew my mind. Something I had never considered before or was brought up to my attention until now.

In the last five minutes

And speaking of Europe there’s something we need to address with the exception of Stonehenge all of these ancient alien theories revolve around non-European cultures as tons of actual experts have pointed out this reinforces the old imperialist idea that nonwhite cultures are inherently less capable like no one ever questions are the ancient Greeks built the Parthenon or how the Romans perfected aqueducts even hardcore ancient alien theorist Hindu accepted yes the evidence is clear they did that themselves cultures in Africa or the Americas accomplish something similar the reaction is somehow there’s no way they could’ve figured that out on their own


(And yes, I used Drafts’s new transcribe feature for this) 😎🎙

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