Dear digital journal,

Today is, in a way, my last day at the trial. Today was more about, re-evaluating what was evaluated yesterday, ish. I was asked to take a second look at one part of the trial, the one damaged by herbicide. Although I was still able to evaluate and make a call, it is still too iffy and people aren’t happy. So, I only spent about half a day on site, right about up to lunchtime.

I knew I wanted to enter all my datas before lunch, so instead I drove to the hotel, got all cleaned up and entered part of my data, until I got hungry. After my lunch meal, I entered the rest of my data and did more computer work.

Now, there is no need whatsoever for me to go back to the site tomorrow, I am done with the project. So, I wanted to try and see if I could change my flight to get back home much sooner. I called the company in which we book everything through. The lady on the phone was very helpful, but unfortunately, there were no earlier flights (sad trombone). The one and only option was leaving tomorrow afternoon but then stay overnight at an airport which it’ll put me arriving home the same day as it’s already scheduled.

So, not sure, I will most likely work from the hotel or a Starbucks all day tomorrow. I could go to the site too and use a room. I could also take the day off. For what, though? There is something about this place that doesn’t make me want to venture much.

Bar hopping?



I’ll work then.

Gabz @Gabz