Post booster shot

I got my COVID booster shot yesterday and unlike the fort to doses, it knocked me down a bit. I had the shot yesterday, and apart from a sore arm, I had no other issues. Furthermore, I drank a lot of water last night, added some Emergen-C to it as well, just in case.

Sometime in the middle of the night, it started. Feeling like crap, body aches and shivering. I had a hard time getting out off bed this morning. And to make things worse, not only I was having body aches, but I am also sore from yesterday workout. Especially my legs, so moving around was tough.

Then I had some coffee, as you do, and some ibuprofen, next thing I know I am not feeling too crappy and started sweating, a lot. By 10:00 am, I was already feeling much, much better!

I did some leg stretches to help with the soreness, and I am pretty much myself again — ish. Still have a bit of a headache and I feel tired, which is reasonable, it is not like had a pleasant night sleeping. Oh, and my arm, it still hurts a bit.

All that said, I am alive and kicking.

Gabz @Gabz