I had quit Twitter for a week

Not sure anyone noticed, but I had quit Twitter for a week, well, more like five days. It was a rage-quit, I read something or something was going on in my timeline that made me go, stop the lap dance, I want to go home!

I don't even remember what that was. The thing about Twitter is, okay, we have all done this dance. We love/enjoy twitter, then we get overwhelmed, sad, and or mad. We take breaks, we hate on it, and we write about it. Others, successfully, have quit it, entirely, not ever looking back. Well, personally, there is a lot that I like about Twitter, I do follow some cool people and accounts, or so I think. Then there is the rest of the stuff that I don't like, and it's the echo chamber part of it. This is when some things become too overwhelming, and irritating. Hates spreads faster, as they say, and Twitter in some way is a big part of it.

So yes, I quit, deleted the account. Five days later, I reactivated it. Perhaps all I needed was just a small break. One thing I did though, was to go on an unfollow rampage. I have unfollowed any account that I felt might contribute to my twitter anxiety. Accounts that retweet or post things I rather not see or partake. In other words, I was reshaping my bubble. I have gone from over 3oo accounts followed, down to 164, or something like that, and I think I could probably go even lower than that.

I guess like many other social venues, they are what you make of them, except for Facebook. And even from the best ones, it is probably wise to take breaks.

Gabz @Gabz