it was a sign

I've got a story!

This morning, like every other morning in the mother, I woke up, got ready, left the house to drop the girls off at grandma's, and head to work. Then, I realized, I was low on gas, like dangerously low, I knew I was not going to make it to work, well perhaps, but it'd be a bad idea. Normally, I'd be like "YOLO, let's do it", living the dangerous life. But no, I am all talk these days.

Then panic kicked, I do not remember grabbing my Mag Safe Wallet. Is it in my backpack? As I was driving (don't do this kids) I reached out to where my wallet would normally be trying blindly looking for it. No luck. Yesterday we went out to eat, I know I paid, but in the middle of leaving, I don't remember if I grabbed it with me or Annie took it and put it in the diaper bag? Or I did grab it and threw it on the kitchen table, and I just did not take it this morning?

Well, I was down to two options, sort of. Go back to the house, get it and gas up, go to work. Or, go home, text my boss that I am working from home. Then I remembered I had my second wallet in the backpack. In this wallet, I have everything else that is either not important or just won't fit in my day-to-day wallet. Like, the health insurance card, or my company's card, stuff like that. Also in this wallet, I've got my Paypal Cash debit card, which I always forget I have. Then I remembered that even if there's no balance in my Paypal account, it is still attached to my bank account, therefore I can, or should be able to, use it still. If this did not work, then I would have to definitely go back to the house.

I drive by the gas station, park, insert the card... Authorizing... voilà! 


Now, I am here at work, with very little to do...

I should have driven home, it was a sign, and I ignored it.

Gabz @Gabz