My online presence?

When it comes to the style of writing and having a simple personal blog, Brent Simmons has always been an inspiration, in some way. I have been following his work and blog for a long time. Perhaps not as long as many of you, but still.

I have read his latest post, In Case I Don’t Write Here Again, a few times, not sure why, perhaps I just like his writing. One thing stuck, though.

I expect and hope that eventually I will no longer be a public person — no blog, no Twitter, no public online presence at all.

That, somehow, to me, seems like the goal. No public online presence.

Although that sounds wonderful, and somewhat romantic, in many ways, for me, would be virtually impossible.


I fucking ❤️ blogging!

So instead, the goal for me would be that the only online presence, would be this, my digital diary/second brain/main squeeze that I call a blog.

Rid of the twitters, the instagrams, the toots, and miscellaneous.

Just my blog…

Gabz @Gabz