Halide 2.5’s Macro Mode

iPhone Macro: A Big Day for Small Things — Lux

What makes Halide 2.5’s Macro Mode so special? For one, it brings Macro capabilities to all iPhones. Let’s dig in.

I have never being much of a Halide app user. Living the iPhone 12 mini life, I was destined to miss out on the Macro Mode of the new iPhone’s camera features.

When I saw the announcement, I thought I would check it out. I played around with the app today, and I was pretty impressed with the results I got. I don’t have an iPhone 13 Pro to compare, but I can definitely tell the difference between the stock camera and Halide, on my iPhone 12 mini.

One feature that put a smile on my face that Halide has, and that I had forgotten about, was exporting the photo to Darkroom straight from the app. In a, some sort of handshake between the apps.

Here are some images taken, fooling around with the app.

Gabz @Gabz