On writing emails

How do all do it?

Today we found ourselves in a situation where the immediate course of action, was sending out an email. Well, more like we had a conversation, concluded that we should reach out Marley’s teacher via email and thus, my wife started composing such email. When I realized, she was using Apple’s Notes application to draft it. That made me think. Where would I draft an email?

I don’t write long form emails very often, even for work. Most of my emails are two to three sentences and data. If it were me composing this email, I think, I would use my text editor just like I’d use it for a post, such as this. Especially Ulysses. In fact, my wife handed me her phone to read over the email before sending it. What did I do? I copied the text, sent it to myself, copied the text, pasted in Ulysses, and rand its revision mode feature. Made all the suggested and necessary corrections, copied the text, and texted it back to my wife. Then she proceeded to copy the text, pasted back to the email app thingy.


The moral of the story? Get Ulysses installed on all the wife’s devices. 😎

Gabz @Gabz