Mar's School, day two

Today is day two of Marley's kindergarten and her first full day at it. Furthermore, it is my first day and picking her up, by myself after a full day of schooling. I am not even thinking about all the things I have to do at work today. In fact, at our morning check-in meeting, when we are asked to talk about our plans for the day, the one thing I mentioned was, "to not forget to pick up my kid from school". 

I am a little stressed by this, I mean, Marley, at school, like a full-on real school. Not the pre-K thing she was last year. It was only 4 days a week, 2 and half hours, and almost no other kids other than her classmates. 

I don't know, it feels very different and I cannot stop thinking about it. Now she will be spending more time out. Will she get used to it or will it be an issue? What about homework and such?  Playtime, etc. I know how lazy she can be about eating. Will she be eating at lunch like she's supposed to, or her snacks? 

There's a lot of overthinking here, I am sure, and most likely everything will be okay, I would hope. That being said, I cannot stop thinking and stressing out about it. I am sure this won't last long but I feel like I need to put my worries out so one day, when I opened my on this day, and read this, I may laugh about it and about myself.

Gabz @Gabz