A morning in the life

Today was another failed effort to be at work on time, also, more proof that free will does not exists. I had mentioned before that no matter how I do it or what I do to me right on time, it almost never happens. Today, I woke up earlier than I have been in the past few weeks. Again, I was frustrated by failure.

Wake up, (grab a brush and put a little make-up), get the coffee ready, showered quickly, and get ready. At this point, I am making good time. Normally, it would be a matter of rally Marley to the car, grab a half-asleep Luna, and go.

Luna: I want my shoes!!!

Me: Okay, here.

Luna: No, not those ones!

Me: ugh, these?

Luna: yeah!

To the car we go. Marley gets in, Luna gets in, I buckle them - GO! That's the ideal or the norm and not what happened.

Marley gets in, Luna gets in, and takes her time to get on her car seat. Once she's on the car seat and buckles her, I get in, seatbelt on, turn the car on.

Marley: I don't have my snuggle buddies, I want my snuggle buddies.

Me: Uhg! Where are they?

Marley: on mama's bed, there's Baby Fred and Papa Fred.

I run to the house, get the Fredeses!

After all that, I still made it to work by 7:15, the same damn time, I have been, in these past few weeks.

I give up!

Gabz @Gabz