I ❤️ Uly

The other day, a good friend asked me about the benefits of using Ulysses. Instead of trying to convince him of why he should be using Ulysses as his main text editor, I listed the reasons why I prefer it. In the past, I have used Drafts and iA Writer to compose and publish to my Micro.blog hosted site. My main problem with Drafts is that it doesn’t handle images well. It always felt like a hack to try to make it work. iA Writer was fine, but I don’t like seeing all the markdown and wasn’t a fan of “publishing” and then opening Micro.blog’s draft window and then publish.

Ever since Ulysses added Micro.blog support, I immediately paid for my yearly subscription.

Reasons why I prefer Ulysses;

  • I find Ulysses much more cleaner. I like a clean canvas when I write.
  • I like how it hides most of the markdown stuff. I don’t like seeing a bunch of URLs when adding links within my text, I find it messy and distracting. I guess that doesn’t bother most if you’re using a big screen but, I mean, my MacBook Pro is only 13”, my iPad is 11” and if I am writing on my iPhone, bruh! I rock an iPhone 12 mini!
  • I like how it formats the text in the way I’d expect the text to be shown/formatted on my site. I feel like Ulysses does most of the formatting job for me. I don’t have to make sure there’s a line in between lines when for example posting a quote. (Make sense?)
  • I can add images in between text and publish and don’t have to worry much about it.
  • No extra steps when publishing. You just publish, it doesn’t go to Micro.blog’s drafts. I am not certain if iA Writer got rid of that or not.

The impression that I get, is that most markdown purists don’t like Ulysses as much because of the way it handles markdown. I think? And probably those are all the reasons of why I love it? 🤷🏻‍♂️

This is the way I can best explain it. I hope all of this makes sense. 😎

I ❤️ Ulysses.


I have no idea where I’m going to put my MicroCamp sticker on. 😅

Gabz @Gabz