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Gaby, back in 2015 wrote,

Song covers

The interesting thing about song covers is that you either love them or hate them, and for many reasons. Maybe you grew up listening to the original or maybe the cover is just plain bad, whatever the reason is we’re always going to have an opinion about it. In some cases, though the cover can sound even better than the original, but that’s rare -or so I think- but they can be fun, they can be a new refreshed version of that original song that we at one point fell in love with. For example, most people don’t know this, but I have become a huge fan of The Rolling Stones. I’ve always been familiar with them and heard their stuff, but as my taste and appreciation in music has changed I’ve been listening to them more lately and one of my favorite songs for some reason is “Can’t you hear me knocking”. I don’t know what it is, but that song just rocks, and this week I found an album by Bernard Fowler — The Bura. And it has a cover of the Stone’s song and I have got to say that even though, I hold dear to the original song, this one was pretty solid and enjoyable. It felt like a modernized version of it. Then again, nothing like the original, but he made it his thing in a way, and I’m fine with it. It could be that I’m more open to this kind of things. I’m sure they’re people that will hate it, but I liked it, and it was a fun listen.

Found this in my Day One, it came up in the “on this day” thingy. I remember writing this and nowhere to post it, didn’t have a blog back then, but this was the beginning of the idea of having one.

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