First Gym Day

Last night, was my first day at the new gym.  I got to say, it was fun, in some ways.  And when I say new gym, I  mean to say in Name. This building, before it was what's known as Crunch, it used to be Idaho Athletic. Annie and I used to come to this gym way back then. At the time it was $40.00 for both of us and we used to love their kickboxing class, twice a week. In fact, we got to the point that we would just go to the classes and maybe use the rest f the gym on Saturdays. Until, due to health issues, the instructor went from 2 classes a week to one, and then we couldn't justify the forty dollars for one class a week and again, we weren't using the rest of the facility.

Anyways, fast-forward to 2021, now it is called Crunch, it is about 21 USDs and I can bring Annie anytime I want at no extra cost. After all these years, the place hasn't changed, at all. Same layout, pretty much the same machines with the addition of a few new ones. The main difference now is where they used to have the basketball court, now is like an open area with all sorts of toys, and there, is where I will be playing the most. They've got the rowers, sleds, kettlebells, TRX's, monkey bars, pull-up bars, free weights, etc, etc...

There were not that many people, I don't think I was ever any closer than 6 feet from anyone else, the place is pretty big and again, after 8 at night, it's pretty empty. I did spend a lot of time roaming around trying to remember where everything was or what I wanted to do. I really didn't have a plan for yesterday. Clearly, I need to make plans, workout routines, and such.

But I felt good going and about the place...

One thing though, people, if you are swinging a kettlebell in front of me and you don't know what you're doing, I will judge you. Sorry, not sorry, but there were people that clearly looked like they wanted to get hurt I guess.

Gabz @Gabz