Not as sexy, anymore

I remember back in 2018 or so, I was unemployed, and sitting at a local coffee shop with my late 2017 13"  MacBook Pro, job hunting. I also remember I was eating a delicious pastry from a local "French" Bakery called Gaston's, a Raspberry Danish, the coffee shop used to sell their stuff. 

Anyway, that is probably one of the few good memories of those times. I also remember getting an email with a 50% off of the year subscription for a little email application and service called,  Newton. So of course I signed up for it. I mean, I'm unemployed but sure let's use the severance package monies, whoooo, YOLO!!

I think, at the time, it was one of the best options out there, in my book. Good features, clean UI, sync between devices was, is, pretty solid. I know this app/service has been dead and resurrected, I can't remember how many times or what is the current state of their business, I do not know. 

This past weekend, I signed up for Setapp and I was pleased to see that Newton is part of the applications bundle the service offers. I installed the app, set it up, and... It was very anticlimactic. To me at least, it looks, outdated. Not sure if is the Hey-effect or even apps like Airmail look much better, it's like Newton didn't age well.

Sorry, vevé, is not you, is me...

Gabz @Gabz