I blame the internet for ruining Superman

Superman Returns (2016)

I remember watching this movie at the movie theater back in 2016, when it was released. I still remember seeing the first picture of Brandon Routh wearing the Superman suit, and oh boy, I was an eager little beaver and could not wait to watch this motion picture show.

I am trying to recollect my thoughts of the movie at the time, I think I enjoyed it. I mean, it had been, what, twenty plus years since our last honest-to-goodness Superman movie? Superman was my favorite superhero growing up, and still to this day. I had probably watched it a couple of times afterwards and then never watched it again.

I am not sure how I got this idea in my head that, this was a bad movie and that I dislike it. I blame the internet for that. Or perhaps a few comments of friends and coworkers every time this movie was brought up in a conversation. Who knows at the point?

Today I revisited this motion picture show, and it was not as bad as I was turned/made to believe it was. I really enjoyed it, I had my cool comic-book Superman moments. Yes, it is very much a love story, but is still Superman. Perhaps I am watching it now with a different set of eyes than I did back then? If I had one complaint, It’d be Lex Luthor and would have preferred a different villain, but again, this is a “direct sequel” to the Richard Donner’s Superman movies as I understand it.

In conclusion, this is a great movie, for the Superman fan and the little kid in me. I’ll give it three out of three chocolates!


I’m always around. Goodnight, Lois.

— Superman

Gabz @Gabz